Roaring Riptide

FRC Team 4118

2018 – FIRST Power Up – Season Highlights

By on November 10, 2017

FRC Team 4118: Roaring Riptide

2018 Season Recap


Orlando FRC Regional Competition – March 2018

  • Imagery Award (see guidelines of Imagery Award below)
  • Friendliest Team Award – Team Award presented by FRC Team 945: Team Banana

South Florida FRC Regional Competition – March 2018

  • Imagery Award
  • Woodie Flowers Finalist Award presented to Dr. Carl Crane, Professor at University of Florida’s College of Engineering
  • Squealer Award – Team Award for TEAM SPIRIT! presented by FRC Team 1902: Exploding Bacon



  • 1250+ student volunteer hours from June 2017 – August 2018 – dedicated to promoting STEM education, assistive technology, and assisting at FIRST events
  • 3000+ mentor volunteer hours from June 2017 – August 2018
  • Team’s assistive technology outreach was featured in the media/press over a dozen times in various print, televised, and online local and state media outlets
  • Team has aided in switch adapting over 100 toys for children across the state


  • UF Innovate
  • Bob and Marianne Gardner
  • Smallwood Foundation
  • Pratt & Whitney – Gary Dillard
  • UF Engineering
  • – Bill Binko
  • Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) – David Dikter, CEO, ATIA
  • Technology & Learning Connections – Gary Pearcy, USF

Description | Guidelines of Imagery Award:


In honor of Jack Kamen, Dean’s father, for his dedication to art and illustration and his devotion to FIRST. This award celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team appearance.


  • Appearance of machine and team are integrated in an attractive theme
  • Visuals of the integrated team/machine are exceptional.
  • The team theme is supportive of the FIRST Core Values.
  • The team’s theme is original, can be explained by a team spokesperson, and is fitting to the objectives, character, and/or history of the team.


2018 Season Donors

  • P.K. Yonge DRS
  • UF Innovate
  • State of Florida
  • Bob and Marianne Gardner
  • The Smallwood Foundation
  • NASA
  • UF College of Engineering
  • Fischman Foot and Ankle
  • Document Technologies
  • Management Specialists Services
  • Rogers Welding Machine & Design

2018 In-Kind Partners

  • JeffCoat Signs
  • Fun 4 Gator Kids
  • The Simple Stencil
  • Scrubs by Design
  • Technology and Learning Connections
  • Target Copy
  • TNT Graphics
  • Parents of Roaring Riptide
  • Mentors of Roaring Riptide